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Maintenance Teams

See cleaning instructions in attached documents below.

Temple/Fellowship Cleaning
Coordinator - Janet G
Team 1 - Cleaning Service + Worths
Team 2 - Cleaning Service + Janet G, Caitlyn G & Dmitriy P [Nick M, Olga D, Natalie J]
Team 3 - Maha A. (lead), Mary P, Jake & Caitlin H
Team 4 - Cleaning Service + Valentin K, Kathy E
Team 5 - Cleaning Service + Ron, Sandy & Michael G,  Konstantina M, Susan M
Trash & Recycling Bins to Street Valentin K
At-large Members - Paul M, Valentin K
Altar Area Cleaning John M

Office Cleaning
Team Anderson - Fr. Michael
Team Masamitsu - Pam & Jon M.
Team C - Mary P
Team D - Janet Gebet

Coordinator - Janet G
Team Green - Tony S (lead), Ben G
Anderson Boys - Fr. Michael (lead), Victor, Peter & Timo A
Team Rose - Alex P (lead)
Team Hyacinth - Tim Vargas (lead)
At-Large Members - Hanan A, Kathy E, Elizabeth N

Landscaping Team Schedule

Maintenance and Cleaning Documents and Checklists