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Our Parish

What You Can Expect to See When You Visit

Our community is very diverse.  We are 
Arab, Greek, Latin, Bulgarian, Romanian, Russian or various American mixes.  We are converts and cradle Orthodox.  We are young and old; single, married and widowed; in established families and young families.

The services are all in English.  Our music incorporates the styles of various Orthodox traditions, so everyone gets to hear something familiar every Sunday. 

We have an average of 70 people (including the children and the clergy) attend on Sundays during the school year; families tend to travel during the summer, so in the summer average attendance is about 50.

Coffee hour is actually "lunch hour."  We do potluck.  After Divine Liturgy ends, Fr. Michael and parishioners give announcements; we sing many years to people; people venerate the cross; and prayers of thanksgiving for communion are read.  Once prayers are finished, we bless the food. 
During the school year, the kids and teachers eat a little and then begin class, while the rest of the adults and babies continue to fellowship. 

We have Sunday School for the children and Adult Ed classes midweek in the evenings (during the school year). The classes are usually series that run 6 to 8 weeks followed by a break for a couple of weeks.  Additionally, every year, Fr. Michael teaches an "Orthodoxy 101" class that also meets midweek, once a week, and everyone is welcome to attend.

To get an idea of what the life of the church is like throughout the year, check out our annual events page.