1/23/22: New Russian Martyrs: Archim. Sergius

1-23-22 New Russian Martyrs - Fr Sergius.m4a

1/16/22: The God of Life

01-09-22 The Entryway to the Kingdom of Heaven.m4a

1/9/22: The incarnation and creation

01-09-22 The Entryway to the Kingdom of Heaven.m4a

12/19/21: The incarnation and creation

12-19-21 The Incarnation and Creation.m4a

12/12/21: Sunday of our Forefathers

12-12-21 Sunday of our Forefathers.m4a

12/5/21: The peace of Christ

The Peace of Christ.m4a

11/27/21: By grace you have been saved

11-27-21 By Grace You Have Been Saved.m4a

11/21/21: Entrance of the Theotokos

11-21-21 Entrance of the Theotokos.m4a

11/14/21: What is your purpose?

11-14-21 What is your purpose.m4a

11/7/21: Jesus Christ, Savior of the world

11-7-21 Jesus Christ, Savior of the World.m4a

10/31/21: Apostle of the heart set free

10:31:21: Apostle of the heart set free.m4a

10/24/21: Lazarus and a rich man

10:24:21: Lazarus and a rich man.m4a

10/10/21: The power of Christ

10:10:21: The power of Christ.m4a

10/3/21: Love thy enemies

10:3:21: Love thy enemies.m4a

9/26/21: Love, not moralism

9:26:21: Love is not moralism.m4a

9/19/21: Parable of the vineyard

Homily 9-19-21.m4a

9/12/21: Belief in Christ (John 3:16)

Homily 9:12:21.m4a

8/22/21: Peter walks on water

Homily 8:22:21: Peter walks on water.m4a

8/8/21: Bear with one another

Homily 8-8-21- Bear with one another.m4a

8/1/21: Procession of the Cross

Homily 8:1:21 Procession of Cross.m4a

7/25/21: Gergasene demoniacs

Homily 7:25:21: Gergasene Demoniacs.m4a

7/4/21: American Saints

Homily 7:4:21: American Saints.m4a

6/20/21: Pentecost

Homily 6:20:21: Pentecost.m4a

6/13/21: Fathers of the 1st ecumenical council

Homily 6:13:21: Fathers 1st Ec. Council.m4a

6/7/21: Man born blind

Homily 6:7:21: Man Born Blind.m4a

5/30/21: Samaritan woman

Homily 5:30:21: Samaritan Woman.m4a

5/23/21: Sunday of the paralytic

Homily 5:23:21: Paralytic.m4a

5/16/21: Myrrh bearing women

Homily 5:16:21: Myrrh Bearing Women.m4a

5/9/21: Thomas sunday

Homily 5:9:21: Thomas Sunday.m4a